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Period of execution

Taking a rapid response test to the COVID-19 antigen

600 UAH

15 minutes

PCR test for determining of containing virus RNA SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)

800 UAH

12-24 hours

PCR test for determining of containing virus RNA SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) with obtaining a certificate at the airport Borispol / Odessa

950 UAH

12-24 hours

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The test can be carried out no earlier than two hours later.

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Uman, Pushkina 17, hotel Hoshen

To take the analysis, you can drive up to our laboratory to the address indicated.
Working hours 9.00 to 13.00
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Why we?


Nursing teams work around the clock - you can choose the most appropriate time for testing and call the nurse at your home or office.


Registration of online application 24/7 takes place "in 1 click" - you do not need to call anywhere, explain or confirm anything.


All instruments used are sterile; all personnel go to the call in a special protective suit.You can also take the analysis in a specially equipped car, in which the mobile team arrives.


Our company has all the necessary permits, and the medical staff has the appropriate medical education, so you can count on the highest quality of received services.


Saving time and effort to travel to the laboratory without waiting in the laboratory queue among potential patients.


The arrival time of the nurse is within 12 hours after the registration of the application on the website. Fast results: 24 hours - in standard mode, 6 hours - in accelerated mode

Sample results

The results are sent to the email with QR code and in English for travel abroad


The laboratory transmits all data of the test results to the Center for Public Health of Ukraine. And they, in turn, remove self-isolation and deactivate “Diya”. Before registering for the test, be sure to which phone number you have installed the Diya application. This phone number is an identifier, so it is important that it is the same number.
If you have indicated the correct phone number, but you still receive notifications from the Diya application, we recommend you contact directly: Contact information Public Health Center (CPH) of Ukraine: tel.: +380 44 425 43 54, e-mail: info @ phc.org.ua. Do-it-yourself application support service: https://chat.diia.gov.ua

Testing recommendations:

  • do not take alcohol 24 hours before taking the material;
  • do not take medications for irrigation of the oropharynx, nasal drops, sprays and meds for sore throat 12 hours before the study;
  • do not brush your teeth or use rinses before taking the material;
  • do not eat for 2 hours;
  • do not drink liquid for 2 hours (you can drink some clean water in 30 minutes in case of thirst);
  • do not smoke for 4 hours;
  • do not use chewing gum or breath fresheners)

You can drink still water.

For testing, a swab is taken from the surface of the tonsils, palatine arches and the posterior wall of the oropharynx. During the collection of material from the nasopharynx, the probe is inserted along the outer wall of the nasal passage to a sufficient depth.

The test result will be sent to the email specified during registration within 24 hours / 6 hours (urgent PCR test) from the moment of collection.

The results of PCR and rapid test for antigen in our laboratory are automatically issued in two languages: Ukrainian and English.

You can write or call us 24/7, and we will check the correctness of the data you entered during registration and send you the result again.

You can contact us 24/7, we will check the correctness of your data, and it will be sent to your email.

We work 24/7, so we can offer any convenient time for you.

That’s right, we can apply for the departure of the mobile team at your address, or you can drive to our laboratory to collect material,but  we work only by appointment.

The “international standard” for detecting coronavirus infection is PCR (polymerase chain reaction test method), when the RNA (nucleic acid) of the virus is detected using special instruments in a PCR laboratory specially equipped for this method. This method is the most accurate in detecting coronavirus. PCR analysis is sensitive at the earliest stages of infection, even in the absence of signs of the disease and even with an asymptomatic course of the virus.

The rapid coronavirus antigen test (COVID-19) is used as a preliminary screening examination and is an auxiliary method for diagnosing coronavirus infection in patients with clinical symptoms of SARS-CoV-2 from the first day of the onset of symptoms.

Benefits of a antigen coronavirus test:

  1. Early diagnosis from the first day of symptom onset.
  2. The test result (analysis) within 15 minutes!
  3. High sensitivity and specificity of the method.
  4. No age restrictions.
  5. You don’t need to take blood !!!

An antigen test for the COVID-19 detects the protein substance of the coronavirus, the so-called antigen, which causes the production of antibodies to the virus in the human body and can be carried out from the first day of illness. (There are rapid tests that detect antibodies to coronavirus, but such tests must be performed 5-7-14 days after the onset of symptoms, so that protective antibodies can already be produced in the body.)

The PCR test detects the RNA of the virus, which also allows the detection of the coronavirus from the first day of the onset of symptoms, as well as in the asymptomatic presence of the virus in the body.

A rapid coronavirus antigen (COVID-19) test is carried out on site within 30 minutes. PCR method – determines the RNA of the virus and requires the use of special devices and additional time.

Both tests can be used from the first days of the onset of coronavirus symptoms, but PCR must still be performed in accordance with standards and requirements to confirm coronavirus disease.

Ministry of Health of Ukraine, since the express test is an auxiliary test in the diagnosis of COVID-19. For both the express test and the PCR test, a nasal and throat swab (nasopharyngeal swab) is taken, no venous blood is required.

The test does not show the presence of VIRUS, but shows the presence of antibodies. This means that if you are sick at the moment, you have symptoms of respiratory diseases (runny nose, loss of smell, cough, fever), there is no point in taking the test. It does not show the presence of a virus in the body.

When it makes sense to do a test:

  1. You were sick more than 2 weeks ago, and even a few months ago, but you do not have a confirmed test for the virus. If you want to understand it was COVID-19 or another virus;
  2. You were not sick, but want to check if there was an asymptomatic course of the disease;
  3. Your relatives were sick more than 2 weeks ago, and even a few months ago and you had contact;
  4. You were sick for more than 1 month, and even a few months ago, and there was a confirmed test for the virus.You want to understand whether immunity has formed.

The test shows the presence of IgA antibodies IgG antibodies IgM antibodies to coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2).

The nurse comes to you with a new clean set of personal protective equipment (disposable dressing gown, disposable hat, disposable mask, boot covers, disposable gloves). After each visit to the client – this set is disposed of.

Your results will be sent according to all international requirements and will have a QR code.

You need to take the test no earlier than 72 hours in advance, but this information may be differ depending on the country you are traveling to. Check with the transport company for more details.

To place an order for more than 50 employees of the company, our manager organizes the departure of several teams at once, as well as arrange a sterile place in your office, where the fence will take place. To optimize the process, all employees will be registered for testing with the provided lists.

The procedure of collecting material from employees will not take more than 60 minutes. Our managers organize work in advance to save your company’s working time and not distract employees from important work processes.

You can pay for our services on the spot by card or with cash (ONLY IN NATIONAL CURRENCY). You can also pre-order by card on the web-site.

To apply for a refund, you must fill out a refund form.

You must also provide: a copy of your passport, TIN. Card details (Ukrainian Bank) 

card number, IBAN, MFI, Recipient’s account, r / s. 

Cash repayment period 1-5 working banking days

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Stanisław Kiev

Екатерина (мед.) из Одессы.
Великолепный кадр организации Каллаб. Все делает оперативно, быстро и демонстрирует подлинную компетенцию.
5 из 5. Делали сегодня тест для вылета за границу, команда приехала быстро, так-же быстро был сделан ПЦР-Тест. Результат пришёл быстрее, чем ожидалось. Большое Вам спасибо!

Carlos Alarcon. Kiev

Easy to order. Fast. Reliable. Great communication, punctuality and professionalism. Outstanding service

Ulas Kiev

Yaptıkları işi profesyonelce yapıyorlar. 12 saatlik PCR testi sonucu 10 saatte mail ile gelmişti. Ertesi gün uğrayıp imzalı kaşeli evrakları aldık. Tavsiye ederim.


All good

Andrew Kiev

I called on the phone to place an order online. All the same, I had to register through the website, because form for payment is in this form.

Valentine Kiev

I ordered the service on the website and made an online payment. The manager called back and confirmed the order. At the indicated time, a nurse arrived and took an analysis.

Catherine Kiev

It was necessary to do the test within 6 hours and there was absolutely no time. I was very glad to have the opportunity to take the test without interrupting work.

Alexander Kiev

Nice service. I made an application on the website, then manager called back to me and confirmed the application. They came and took the analysis and sent the result to the mail.

Oleg Kiev

Ordered. Paid. They called to clarify the number of tested citizens. They came and took a swab(analysis). We sent a letter by mail with the result!

Alexandra Kiev

Very pleasant service of the European level. And the choice of the clinic pleased me: you can get the result quickly and expensively, or you can wait 48 hours and save a lot (as I did)

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