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❗If your condition is critical and life threatening — an ambulance should be called as soon as possible!

Cases when house calling a therapist is forbidden:

  • urgent cases (a group of diseases that require urgent medical intervention, occasionally even surgical) that lead to serious complications or even cause death if not being treated in time;
  • critical conditions;
  • diseases that can be diagnosed only in outpatient settings.
Татьяна Халак
  • предоставление терапевтической и неотложной помощи
  • консультирование пациентов
  • проведение лабораторной диагностики
Национальный медицинский университет им. О.О. Богомольца

Диплом специалиста по специальности “Лечебное дело” 06. 2018 г.

Национальная академия последипломного образования им. П.Л. Шупика



Calling a doctor at home allows you to:

conduct an examination at home if a patient is in a non-transportable condition or it is impossible to visit the clinic
reduce the risks of contracting other infections
receive a prescription for medications
diagnose or clarify a diagnosis that can be done at home based on an objective examination

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Для здачі аналізу ви можете приїхати до нашої лабораторії за вказаною адресою, вхід у двір зі сторони Джона Маккейна.
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Sample results

The results are sent to the email with QR code and in English for travel abroad


– home visit with a nurse
– medical examination
– making a diagnosis
– treatment prescription
– blood sampling for examination if necessary
– ECG if necessary

– increased body temperature and chills;
– severe nasal congestion;
– coughing;
– sore throat;
– difficult or labored breathing;
– hoarseness;
– increased or decreased blood pressure;
– dizziness;
– headache;
– muscle pain and body aches;
– weakness;
– nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, sharp abdominal pain;
– body rash.

When making a diagnosis at home, our therapist uses special devices such as a tonometer, pulse oximeter, non-contact thermometer and stethoscope. These are necessary to perform lung listening and to obtain reliable data on pulse, blood pressure and body temperature, as well as to indicate the level of oxygen saturation in capillary blood.

Absolutely. In order to make a diagnosis more accurate and perform differential diagnostics, our therapist could prescribe taking a few tests and recommend additional examination methods after giving a consultation.
During the visit, you can also get laboratory tests done — the nurse will take blood for further diagnostics in our own laboratory.
Test results will be sent via email. If necessary, the results can be explained by our therapist.

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Stanisław Kiev

Екатерина (мед.) из Одессы.
Великолепный кадр организации Каллаб. Все делает оперативно, быстро и демонстрирует подлинную компетенцию.
5 из 5. Делали сегодня тест для вылета за границу, команда приехала быстро, так-же быстро был сделан ПЦР-Тест. Результат пришёл быстрее, чем ожидалось. Большое Вам спасибо!

Carlos Alarcon. Kiev

Easy to order. Fast. Reliable. Great communication, punctuality and professionalism. Outstanding service

Ulas Kiev

Yaptıkları işi profesyonelce yapıyorlar. 12 saatlik PCR testi sonucu 10 saatte mail ile gelmişti. Ertesi gün uğrayıp imzalı kaşeli evrakları aldık. Tavsiye ederim.


All good

Andrew Kiev

I called on the phone to place an order online. All the same, I had to register through the website, because form for payment is in this form.

Valentine Kiev

I ordered the service on the website and made an online payment. The manager called back and confirmed the order. At the indicated time, a nurse arrived and took an analysis.

Catherine Kiev

It was necessary to do the test within 6 hours and there was absolutely no time. I was very glad to have the opportunity to take the test without interrupting work.

Alexander Kiev

Nice service. I made an application on the website, then manager called back to me and confirmed the application. They came and took the analysis and sent the result to the mail.

Oleg Kiev

Ordered. Paid. They called to clarify the number of tested citizens. They came and took a swab(analysis). We sent a letter by mail with the result!

Alexandra Kiev

Very pleasant service of the European level. And the choice of the clinic pleased me: you can get the result quickly and expensively, or you can wait 48 hours and save a lot (as I did)


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